Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007

Status 13. June

Okay, here we go again - all is going well so here comes a new status report:

finished so far:
-pencils: 32 pages
-colors: 24 pages


Okay, es ist mal wieder Zeit für 'nen Statusreport:

Fertig ist soweit:
-Zeichnungen: 32 Seiten
-Farben: 24 Seiten


Charecua hat gesagt…

I've just added this blog to my favorites! May I ask permission to link this blog to mine? Say Ja... pleeeease. You guys have a great comic here. Feel free to check out my stuff here or at my deviant account.

Vielen danke for share. =B

pbkiner hat gesagt…

hey, question:
is this going to come out in english? i love the art style that youre using for this project to death!

employees of the month hat gesagt…

Thanks, Danke Charecua!! :D Feel free to link to us! :)

pbkiner: Thanks a lot!
Unfortunately it will be published only in germany at first. Hopefully our publisher can sell it to other countries, too, but we have no further infos so far.

Roc hat gesagt…

all of this is pure hotness!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I sure hope it's coming out in English and selling here in Singapore as I really love the art work!
Looks really fantastic!

employees of the month hat gesagt…

Thank you very much! We're hoping for it, too! :)